The Vaccinated ARE Giving Off MAC Addresses From Their Bodies!

As all new hypothesis, this material is shocking and difficult to accept at face value. See it and decide for yourself:

[Source] , [Source of the video and a full screen option]

Comment: I have found and downloaded an iPhone app that senses and displays bluetooth sources around me. There are other apps available at the AppStore, as well. Not sure how significatnt it is but in my place, according to the scan results, there are 69 active bluetooth radiation sources. This is travelling through my body 24/7, even when I sleep. I have not yet gone to a remote area that should be free of BT devices, to check if my body has its own network address. I will do it soon.

Update: I went to a remote location, today, and my body has failed to give off a MAC address. I did not pass the test, maybe because I am unvaxxed. Good news is – the nanotechnology did not jump on me from the vaxxed, either, although I walk everywhere and don’t wear a mask. Evidently, this jumping habit did not make its way to my neck of the woods, yet.

Theoretically, if the MAC address is generated by interaction between the vaccine components and our unique DNA, then it may be possible not only to trace but also to target a specific person by his or her MAC address using, for example, the 5G network that was rolled out globally during the pandemic. The system opereator will be able to selectively send a specific signal to your body, just like a phone call goes to your phone and not to other phones. This can also be achieved by a network of sattelites that are out of our reach, so we have no control over this technology. We cannot verify it or eliminate it, we can hardly monitor it. This looks like a sci-fi story about a planet that is being taken over by aliens, while its inhabitants are being turned into robots. Having this kind of technology, depopulation will not be difficult, either. Piece of cake. Maybe that’s what is happening? Just a wild guess…


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