What a giant hypocrite!

Comment: Trudeau is a joke. Glad I did not vote for Liberals. I don’t see an alternative, either. NDP is not better. Conservatives (under Mike Harris) started the destruction of education and health care in Ontario. Wynne, the first openly gay premier in Canada, who as a Minister of Education (if I remember correctly) worked hard to make sure that children in grade 3 knew how to put on a condom? Federally, Brian Mulroney (PC) who flashed his reputation down the toilet with NAU and other anti-Canadian ideas? Chretien (LIB), who promised to get rid of GST, if elected? The WEF’s Young Global Leaders who try to modify Canada by violating Canadian Constitution? They are all good liars before the elections. However, this one has a problem with honesty after the election, as well. And no substance. He is an embarrassment to Canada and Canadians. My opinion.


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