Whistleblower Sasha Latypova – It’s Not a Vaccine!


Comment: I would like to refer to the role of radiation (WI-FI, 5G, Bluetooth) in the process of assembly of large micro particles from small nanoparticles contained in these “vaccines” – (see this interview from mark 49:30 to mark 52:30). What drew my attention to this topic was the fact that, in a highly coordinated and speedy manner, the 5G network was rolled out globally at the time, when most other industries and services were paralized with lockdowns. This was very suspicious and indicated to me that the 5G project and the Covid-19 / “vaccination” project were parts of the same agenda that had to be implemented simultaneusly.

As for the vaccines, I had my only flu vaccine in at least a decade, in (or around) 2016. The following year was the worst year healthwise in my life. I had strange organisms (or chemicals) developing on my tongue and in my gums, breaking through to my inner ear, infiltrating my throat glands and causing a “stone” or “stones” inside one of the glands. As a result of the gum bleeding that looked like an infection, I lost two teeth. No doctor could clearly diagnose what it was and the ENT specialist appeared to be scared of investigating and treating this condition. Two years later, I developed blockages that caused a heart attack and required a quadruple bypass surgery – althoough this condition could have been unrelated to the flu shot in 2016. Thinking back of this experience, it is possible that some unusual experiments and testing were already taking place as a part of the flu vaccination campaign in 2016 and possibly even earlier.

My article “Alarming Questions about Population and Death Statistics in Canada during the “Pandemic”, originally published in September of 2020, raises the issue of increased mortality in Canada, beginning in 2016 and continuing in 2018, 2019, and 2020, before it skyrocketed in the Fall of 2020 following the rollout of the mRNA “vaccination” campaign. Neither the RCMP nor the Police have noticed and investigated. The government was blind, as well, although there must have been a reason why Stats Canada, in 2020, stopped publishing overall mortality statistics.This looks like an organized crime. Is it?



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