23 Children Have Died And No One Is Talking About It


Comment: Thank you dr. Makis, thank you Laura-Lynn. I think it is time to issue notices of liability and deliver them to public health officials, politicians, scientists, Big Pharma, employers, and media trying to hide this information in order to avoid responsibility for what they had done or in order to make more money of this whole “pandemic” campaign. And this is the gentlest option. It does not include the possibility of a deliberate depopulation (read: mass-murder) or cooperation with unconstitutional and criminal policies channeled by the “elites” through the World Economic Forum. Thanks again.

On December 21, I was denied a blood work procedure at the LifeLabs outlet in Dundas, ON, because I was not wearing a mask. It was a denial of service that I had already paid for in my taxes and the Ontario Health Premium, in addition to paying for my private insurance plan. It did not matter that I have a heart condition which often makes it difficult to breathe even without a mask. It did not matter that I had recovered from Omicron infection and developed natural immunity to this virus, which was confirmed by a serology test done earlier at the same lab. I was offered, by a staff member, a completely ineffective mask that is not stopping airborn respiratory viruses which spread mainly with aerosol.

I suspect that some medical establishments make a lot of money during this “pandemic” so they want it to last forever but I find such attempts to insult my intelligence unaceptable. We should be able to trust our health care “professionals” but it is difficult to do so, when they show incompetence or signs of corruption. My opinion.

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