The Liberals are making inflation worse

Comment: In politics intentions don’t count, results do. This looks to me like a deliberate collapsing of our economy. It is a direct conequence of offshoring and outsourcing that has been taking place since 1990s. It is happening in all Western countries. The original sin was greed of the investors. The original goal was lowering the costs and maxing up the profits by moving production and services to “cheaper” countries. Then, came the “restructuring” of our economy. “Climate change” and “green energy” will follow. This leads to the Great Reset, globalization, and one-world government.

The outcomes are catching up with us now. Now, there are too many “useless eaters” left behind in the “developed” countries, so we need the “pandemic”, the injections of toxic spike protein, and eutanasia to get rid of them. And we need to disarm them before they revolt against the government. It’s all connected and it all fits, like in a Swiss clock. My opinion.

Also, the NDP and the Liberals are led by WEF’s “Young Global Leaders”, so this configuration has nothing to do with Canada or Canadian politics. It’s their global agenda, which (did I mention that?) is unconstitutional in Canada.

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