I am wondering, too…

Comment: It is possible that all these adverse events and pandemic-related deaths are caused by some modulation of high frequency 5G radiation, while the man-enhanced viruses and experimental vaccines are being used as a smoke screen, deception, diversion, and something to blame the genocide on. Of course, I cannot prove it but smart and rich people, who want to depopulate the Earth, would certainly use a double or triple-layered game in order to cover their tracks and redirect our attention from real causes to decoys.

We constantly hear that those excess deaths started after the rollout of the vaccination campaign. This rollout coincided with the rollout of the 5G networks across the entire globe. It is much easier to control than a virus. I also read that many radiation sickness symptoms are similar to the alleged C-19 symptoms. I have repeatedly made an observation that an unusual deep tingling and shivering sensation under my skin and in my muscles, which lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour, frequently appears in my location at night, without apparent natural reason. I live in Hamilton, Ontario, near a large battery of 5G antennas aimed from a close distance at a large nursing home. Since nobody is testing for such a possibility, this is my question for today. Could it be…?

I am not concerned with the “conspiracy theorism” or other smear campaigns. Wondering about possibilities, asking hypothetical “what if” questions, and searching for answers are necessary in any process of discovery. As to a trust in governments and special interest groups, sorry, I have lived in a communist country for 34 years and I cannot go back to the day I was born. Wishful thinking looks good in stories for children but it is what it is – a dream that, unlike conspiracy theories, rarely comes true.



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