Al Gore’s Unhinged “How Dare You” Moment At Davos Plus More Insane Rants From The WEF’s Global Elite


Comment: The idea of climate change (originally, the global warming) was used to justify the offshoring of our real economy, so that the investors could lower their costs and max up their profits. Now, we need pandemics to destroy the remaining economic potential in the West and to clean up the mess (read: to depopulate the remaining “useless eaters” who had lost their jobs, pensions, savings and houses in the process). The absurdity of this line of reasoning is obvious: pollution of air and water cannot be contained by national borders of China and other “cheap” countries. It is only a matter of time and it will spread all over the globe, as usual. Gore must be representing the best interests of Wall Street. Another theatre. My opinion.

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