Canadian PM Trudeau responds to be swarmed in Hamilton by angry protestors.


Comment: Many of us were not there but we supported the protest. We also supported the Freedom Convoy, a year ago. We were not invited to the meetings with Trudeau’s entourage, only carefully handpicked supporters were invited. They do not represent Hamilton, either. Just like a handful of WEF’s “Young” Global Leaders do not represent Canadians or Canadian Constitution. Truly democratic leaders don’t hide behind cordons of armed police and body guards.

A growing body of data show that the government’s response to the “pandemic” was wrong, unscientific, and harmful for many Canadians. The solution was costly, ineffective, and counterproductive. In addition, this government’s unprecedented attacks on our rights and freedoms were unacceptable in a democratic system. Many people see it and many people don’t nod or clap after seeing it.

BTW, voters in the Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas electoral district should notice their MP, Filomena Tassi, standing behind Trudeau, enthusiastically nodding and clapping to support his words.

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