Putin’s next move is DEVASTATING, and NATO isn’t ready – (Updated comment)


Comment: I could not agree more. I have lived in Poland for 34 years, took part in the “Solidarity” movement in early 1980s, spent two and a half years in hiding during the martial law, and was forced to leave the country because I was not willing to declare loyalty to the communist junta. I worked with many people who later became politicians and formed governments. I know their thinking and their modus operandi. Communists survived the transformation. Major political parties split into two different camps. One is working for Germany and the European Union, the other is working for the United States and Israel. Only a small and politically insignificant groups are working for Poland, and even this is not certain.

Poland is in perfect position to become a bridge between the West and the East. Instead, it opted to become a wall. Utopian ideas of supporting Ukraine and forming a buffer zone between Russia and Europe have led to extremist politics and Rusophobic propaganda. Americans support this political trend in order to prevent Russia and Germany from establishing closer economic and political ties. The current Polish governing party (Law and Justice) is serving American policy goals aimed at weakening and defeating Russia – no matter what the cost. This is why they are sending Polish “volunteers” (read: soldiers) to Ukraine, even though they cannot win this war. This is why Russia has slowed down its progress: “Come in, guys, come in, more of you.” I suspect that other NATO countries are also pressured to join the “Russian grinder”, although they do not become involved in a “hot war” to the extend to which “Polish” government is ready to do it. Historically, Poland was under Russian / Soviet occupation for almost 150 years during the Partitions of Poland (1772-1918) and then for almost 50 years after WW2. This explains why Poles are easily affected by Rusophobic propaganda.


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