Gold Standard Analysis Finds Masks Made ‘Little To No Difference’ To Covid Infection Or Death Rates!


Comment: My opinion:

  1. Most people wear wrong masks that allow the aerosol through. These masks are as effective against airborn respiratory viruses as chainlink fence is against mosquitoes.
  2. Most people do not wear their masks properly. They breathe through huge haps on both sides of their noses or on both of their cheaks, instead of breathing through the material.
  3. Warm and moist inside surface of a face mask is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and other germs that get trapped inside the mask after we exhale them. They multiply and grow there and then we inhale them back, again. We also inhale back the viruses that got trapped inside the mask after we exhaled them.
  4. For people with heart condition or a lung disease, wearing a mask can make breathing difficult and may reduce the blood oxygen level necessary for maintaining proper life support functions.
  5. Psychological damage: Wearing masks and social distancing means no identity and lack of personal relationship or communication. Broken solidarity. Enslavement. A similar confusion about identity is being installed in children through various gender-related policies.


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