The Establishment is Terrified of Her

It is so good that I am posting it again. (Originally published in September 2022):

Comment: The things she is talking about… we see them here in North America as well. They have been supported and implemented by many politicians, by most of our mainstream media, by some medical organizations, by hospitals, doctors and pharmacies tied at their wallets to Big Pharma or defence industry, by a large part of our judiciary, by our educational institutions, and by many celebrities.

Amazing thing, (and I hope that I am wrong), many of these New Normal features, together with the “pandemic” fear and “vaccination” mandates are being globally promoted by one international minority with strong ties to their supranational ideals and their financial giants. It is visible. I wonder if this is why we are seeing recent activation of some members of this minority dramatically raising the issue of discrimination in federal and provincial legislatures, as well as in their “leftist” media outlets. What are they afraid of? Is this just a coincidence? Or, is it a proof of a deliberate, highly organized and globally coordinated plot? Just asking…

I am personally not “anti-this” or “anti-that”. I am pro-human rights. I am pro-science. I am pro-moral integrity. I am also observant and I am curious. If we are to address this issue rationally and effectively, we have to identify it first. There is no other way to make sure that it does not happen again. My opinion.

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