What is causing it?

Comment: I am beginning to look carefully at this entire vaccination vs. mortality debate. Yes, selling vaccines is financially beneficial. Yes, the vaccines may contain nanotechnology that will allow future global rulers to control the population. Yes, they may help in achieving various trans-humanism projects. Yes, they may be toxic and may contribute to expedited transfer to la-la land. Yes, spike protein was found in heart muscles, in brains and in other tissues of some deceased. But that is all. There actually is no clear evidence that the shots are causing blood clotting, strokes, heart problems, and other traumatic medical conditions, at least not alone and by themselves.

It is equally possible that these symptoms are caused by EMF radiation emanating from the new 5G network, especially the dangerous high frequency radiation around 60 GHz. I have noticed environmental changes (among insects) that cannot be explained by “vaccination status” but are happening, nevertheless. For example, in my area (with a huge battery of new 5G antennas in near neighbourhood), for the first time in my memory, there were fewer flies last summer, there were no wasps in the Fall and very few fruit bugs in Fall and Winter. These insects are not being “vaccinated” but their population is visibly affected by something happening simultaneously to the “pandemic”. Something has caused them to die or move away.

It is possible that certain adverse events and pandemic-related deaths are caused by modulations of high frequency 5G carrier waves, while the man-enhanced viruses and experimental vaccines are being used as a smoke screen, deception, diversion, and something to blame the genocide on. Of course, I cannot prove it but smart and rich people, who want to depopulate the Earth, would certainly cover their tracks and redirect our attention from real causes and their plots to decoys. Armies around the world have been developing E-M weapons for decades. The technology exists.

We often hear that excess deaths started after the rollout of the vaccination campaigns. We are forgetting that this rollout coincided with the rollout of the 5G networks across the entire globe.They were built in a hurry, while most businesses, most people, and the parliaments were locked down. I also read that many radiation sickness symptoms are similar to the alleged C-19 symptoms and some of the adverse events. It is known that certain frequencies and certain modulations of carrier waves are affecting our health. I have repeatedly made an observation that a deep tingling and shivering sensation under my skin and in my muscles frequently appears in my location at night, without apparent natural reason. I live in Hamilton, Ontario, near a large battery of 5G antennas aimed from a close distance at a large nursing home. Since nobody is testing this possibility, here is my question: Could it be…it?



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