Dr. Paul Thomas – The Assault on Informed Consent



From America’s Front Line Doctors , [ 2 ] :

“Medical Marxism. That is the use of medical tyranny as a gateway drug to communism, and the death of human liberty. The elite have transitioned the United States healthcare system from the doctor-patient relationship to “one size fits all”—as determined by Big Pharma.”

“This creates two problems. The first is that you are living in a nation where freedom itself may cease to exist, depending on what you choose to do next. The second is how to effectively manage your own health issues, including how to obtain accurate and useful information.

“You can help the nation, and you can help yourself by joining GoldCare™ Health & Wellness. We must develop and support parallel institutions and this is a critical first step.

“One of the most common questions I hear is: “How can I find an ethical, honorable physician who won’t lie to me?” A doctor who will put the patient first and honor their Hippocratic Oath—such physicians are now hard to find.

“We found them. I am delighted to announce the imminent opening of GoldCare™ Health & Wellness. We are different in every conceivable way because every decision is made with the patient as the highest priority. The doctors and the patients are all one family. To access one of our doctors or to be part of our community, you must join our community – the GoldCare™ PMA – details can be found at GoldCare.com.

“This is the change you’ve been waiting for—pleading for—and now is the time for you and I to partner. Our system is ethical, innovative, of the highest quality, and will ultimately cost less than conventional insurance. If you want this change, it will never be less expensive than right now immediately pre-launch, with the opportunity to become a Founding Member or Lifetime Founding Member.

“I am inviting you to learn more. Read the information on the website; then come join us. This is the lowest price I will ever offer, and it will be granted to the first 1,000 people who join our family. We will start scheduling telemedicine appointments nationwide within a month.

“GoldCare™ Nation: let’s get started!”

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