“There’s No Emergency” – Dissident Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry On Climate Change

Comment: Why don’t we measure average temperatures on other planets of our Solar System and compare them with past measurements? Then we would know for sure whether our climate change is caused by “human activity” on Earth or by changes in Sun’s activity. This should be easy. We have the technology.

In the 1990s, the Grade 8 human geography textbook for Ontario schools claimed that the then-existing global crude oil and natural gas reserves would last about 50 years. This was 25 years ago. I have two questions about the current “transition”:

  1. Transition to what?
  2. Who is going to make money on it?

Energy is a basic necessity needed to sustain human lives and civilization. As such, it should be publicly owned, just like the air we breathe and the water we drink. Nobody should be allowed to exploit these resources for profit of any individual, group, corporation, or organization. Owners of these resources would have too much power over humanity. Power is addictive and so are profits.


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