Conversation with Jesse Ventura | Will There Be Ventura 2024?


Comment: Jesse, you won’t get elected, if you keep talking nonsense and ignoring science. We have enough of this phenomenon already. We don’t need more of the same.

More than 80% of transmission of airborn respiratory viruses occur with aerosol. Only the big droplets, when somebody coughs or sneezes, are stopped by the mask but big droplets don’t fly far. They fall to the ground under gravity within 1 meter. Aerosol goes through surgical masks like mosquitoes through a chainlink fence and it “hangs” in the air for a long time, like a fog. The C-19 “virus” (whatever it is) is much smaller than the pores in the mask’s material.

You also grow more germs on the warm and moist inside surface of the mask you are wearing and then you reinhale them, together with fungi and a whole host of bacteria that you have previously exhaled and planted there.

Plus, my friend, by isolating yourself from contact with other people you are not updating your immunity, and you know what happens to computers, when you stop updating the virus definitions? They get infected.

You are a good guy but your opinion on wearing the masks has little to do with common sense. Common sense requires that you know the facts and that you base your opinion on them. If you are closed to listening and changing your opinion when presented with evidence, then you are a stubborn buck. Stubborn bucks make poor democratic presidents. Not cool. My opinion.

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