Jordan Peterson: This is an appalling situation and it will get worse

Comment: The thing is, we have to look at the global environment, or global ecosystem, as a whole. We are allegedly reducing industrual pollution in the developed countries but, at the same time, offshoring our real economy and production to China and other “cheap” countries. It is only a matter of time that the pollutiuon created there will spread all over planet Earth. Pollution does not stay within national borders. The real issue here is greed of our own investors. They have decided that cutting their costs and maxing up their profits is more important than caring for the population. Our corrupted and bribed politicians approved of this idea and created a narrative that we are doing this for our own good. Yeah. For whose “good”? And at whose cost? Consequently, we have too many “useless eaters” left over who had lost their offshored jobs, so we need depopulation, “pandemics”. and “vaccines”. My opinion.

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