Efficacy of the mRNA covid-19 booster, March 17 2023


Comment: It is interesting to see the reaction of politicians who left the chamber as this member was beginning his speech. I don’t usually insult people because I support human rights and people have the right to be stupid. I have to respect that. However, politicians are there to represent the best interest of their constituencies. They should be open to all evidence on such a controversial topic. Their reaction was emotional, probably because they themselves were vaccinated multiple times. They don’t want to hear evidence showing that they were incompetent and made a mistake. Primitive ego of ignorant morons. Or, a corrupted virtue signalling? Or, willful participation in a criminal depopulation agenda and a fear of liability? Maybe all of the above?…

This is only a part of the true picture. It has been stated by reputable scientists that mRNA vaccines weaken and destroy our immunity due to “immune imprinting”, resulting in excess deaths from other diseases, including cancers and organ failures. It has also been stated that repeated vaccination with non-sterilizing vaccines is putting pressure on the virus and causing it to develop new variants.

Now, to the man who answered on behalf of the minister: You stated, “Countless studies have shown that vaccinated people are less likely to die or become seriously ill from the virus.” If this is true, why are we witnessing all these excess deaths? Why serious and well documented studies show toxic spike protein in the heart and brain, why are we witnessing blood cloths, strokes and heart failures at rates never present earlier? Would you please provide us with links to all these “countless studies” you are talking about? With the names of scientists who conducted these studies? With documentation proving that you are telling the truth? Where were these studies published? Or, are you just repeating the mantra to cover up the a$$es of the corrupted elites and owned by them politicians?

My opinion.

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