[TRAILER] Covid ‘Vaccines” Are Leaving The Body And Entering Others…Shedding -Drs Bridle & Provost



Comment: Our immune system is recognizing and fighting all foreign objects that enter our body but were not made by it. Except for food that enters the digestive system. It would be counterproductive and disastrous if our immune system was attacking the food that we eat. According to some experts, our immune system learns what we eat and “remembers” not to confront it.

Recently, we hear again about the bird flu and a plan to mass-vaccinate with mRNA injections all poultry, including domesticated birds often kept for producing eggs or meat, such as chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, and turkeys. If these products include mRNA technology loaded with genetic fragments of coronaviruses’ spike protein and other components, our immune system will assume that this is food. It will learn to tolerate it and ignore it. This means that the next time you are infected with a coronavirus or a bioweapon containing such components, there will be no immunological response. You will be 100% vulnerable.

The same concern applies to vaccinated cattle meat and dairy products. We hear about these plans, too, don’t we?

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