Comment: It is true and it is simple. In the past, schools and universities were teaching students how to think independently, logically, and critically. Today, they are teaching students what to think, not how to think. Media are doing the same thing. Today, in order to pass your assignment or project, you have to quote “sources”. If you are just expressing your opinion or your own conclussions, you fail. We are learning by memorizing, not by understanding. We are being conditioned to be like sheep, to follow demagogy and manipulation based on emotions, not on rational facts and evidence. “They” try to discredit science in order to disarm us. For example, they confuse us by inventing fake Math “paradoxes” and then sheep repeat it and promote this sabotage further.

I will never forget the province-wide Ontario teachers’ strike in 1997, when teachers were protesting against the planned education reforms initiated by Mike Harris’ government and his high school dropout minister of education. Government-controlled media started to demonize the teachers and air interviews with parents who were angry because the strike created “so much inconvenience” for them. Never mind the quality of education for their children, this did not count when they had to arrange a baby sitter for a week. Today, we are witnessing the same phenomenon. They play on our desire for convenience, not on what is right or wrong, not on what is actually good or bad for us. My opinion. More on this topic later.


I see many “mistakes” on internet, these days. For example: when multiplying fractions you have to:

  1. Establish common denominator – (wrong, this you only need to add or subtract fractions)
  2. Multiply numerators
  3. Multiply denominators

I don’t know whether this is a result of the education reforms or a deliberate attempt to confuse people and destroy our trust in real science.



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