America Crosses the Rubicon


Comment: Here is my favourite conspiracy theory: Wall Street and investors (who own the Democrats) offshored American real economy to China and other cheap countries in order to lower their costs and max up their profits. In the process, many Americans have lost their jobs, their businesses, their savings, their pensions, and their houses. Together with real economy, America offshored its technologies. Consequently, China was able to make a lot of money as a “world factory” and build a modern army that threatens our interests today. This did not matter, the greed of the investors and the trators did.

It is worth noting that the offensive of predatory capitalism in the West began right after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The ideological competition was over, the unions and leftist parties lost their base, the dogs were unleashed and the corruption started. “Restructuring” and monopolization of our markets began, unprecedented price gouging and looting of public property followed.

Then, came Trump who wanted to reverse this process. “America First” meant that we were bringing our industries and our jobs back to the US. This is exactly why Trump was hated by the establishemnt and their politicians. This is why electoral fraud was possible. Now, ahead of new elections, they try to make sure that Trump does not run, as today it is evident more than ever that he was right. The indictment is being used to achieve this goal. This also explains why those who control American policies today are so close to China and its interests. They must have a significant cut in the deal. Corruption is greater than it has ever been.

More than that. I also believe that the offshoring of our real economy reduced the tax base and created an army of “useless eaters” in the West. This is why we need a targeted depopulation. A bioweapon and a genocide blamed on the “pandemic”. “Pandemic” created by cooperation between American and Chinese scientific institutions and bioweapon industries.

The good news is that we are witnessing a precedent. From now on, all governments, all parties, and all politicians will be liable for their actions and their decisions. This includes the Democrats. No party is in power forever, so there is a chance (and a hope) that justice will be done, maybe sooner than we think.

Again, this is my favourite conspiracy theory. You make up your own mind, this is what you have it for.


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