Some Canadians want a government-run grocery store chain

Comment: I am sick and tired of the price gouging that is going on in our food chains. Either we have raising prices or smaller packaging with less stuff in it. We have a diluted toothpaste that flows like water or a half an inch thick roll of toilet paper that is loosely coiled with air blown in for “volume”. They even train the staff to explain to customers that there is more sheets in the roll than before. Sure, you can have a thousand sheets in a roll if you use a thin enough paper but then you have to fold it 50 times before you can use it – otherwise your fingers will go though it. Food prices have skyrocketed and there is no reason for them to go up so steeply, either. The only reason I can see are incompetent governments that allow this corruption to continue.

In addition, we now have privatized and monopolized all markets, from production to retail, and I do not trust the greedy elites and organizations that had given us the “pandemic” policies and now are entering the food production and distribution. However, I don’t trust the governments, either, and for the same reasons. These guys are giving themselves huge salary increases, while the rest of us are squeezed like lemons by their taxes. I am dreaming about a tax revolt, this is what would solve our problems. And also, about kicking the Liberals, the Conservatives, and the NDP out of federal and provincial parliaments, followed by real grassroots elections in our municipalities, provinces, and the country. Since this will not happen with all the sheep around us, I can only do one thing. It’s called wishful thinking. Happy Easter, everybody!

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