Email from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation

You need to push back against privileged federal bureaucrats striking.
They’ve never worried about losing their job. Government employees didn’t even worry about missing a pay raise or bonus during the pandemic. Now they want billions more from taxpayers like you or they won’t show up for work.
More than 312,000 federal bureaucrats received a raise since the beginning of the pandemic. The feds paid out $559 million in bonuses. The government hired 31,000 new employees in the last two years.
Now they’re demanding up to 47 per cent compensation increase over three years, costing taxpayers like you $9.3 billion. That’s according to the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

If you don’t put pressure on members of Parliament to stand up for you, then these government union negotiators will milk you for all they can.

Mona Fortier is the President of the Treasury Board. She’s trying to push back against unaffordable government union demands.

“We cannot write a blank cheque,” Fortier said.

Fortier needs to know you support her fight and want her to continue standing up for taxpayers. You can send Fortier an email:
Thanks for fighting for taxpayers – it’s making a difference!

  • Franco, Shannon, Todd and the CTF team

PS: It only takes a minute to send Fortier an email and tell her to stand up for taxpayers against government union demands:


My comment: If they don’t want to work, let them go. Why should we pay them more money for doing less work? The government is too big, anyway. They got spoiled during the lockdowns that their governments implemented and now, they don’t want to go back to regular work? Say good bye to them. Let them try real life, for a change. BTW, fish spoil from the head. This would not have happened, if we had a real government with integrity and maturity. The governments gave themselves substantial salary increases, first. Now, the lower ranks follow the suite. Soon, they will demand individual $6,000 per night hotel rooms for their conferences. It’s time to end it. My opinion.

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