Do Canadians have any sympathy for public servants?


Comment: I am not supporting the demands of the striking public “servants” but I also don’t support the Canadian Taxpayers Federation’s position opposing higher taxes for businesses. Everybody, including businesses, should pay fair taxes. Maybe this guy is too young to remember that Canada was a much better place to live in when this was the case. We had better health care, better education, better social services, more affordable housing, and lower prices for all goods and services (except for divorces). The gap between the rich and the poor was not that large. In 1990s, businesses got too much power, political corruption began, and consequent cuts triggered the downhill path to what we have today. The costs were downloaded on consumers and taxpayers. Privatization, monopolization, and corruption led to price gouging and ended consumer protection. I hate to remind everybody that the restructuring of our economy and the offensive of predatory capitalism began right after the collapse of the Soviet Union (1991) and the end of ideological competition between the West and the East. Offshoring and outsourcing followed suite. And I am not advocating for the return of communism, either. We need to invent and implement a better system.

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