Canadians WERE Forced To Get Vaccinated Against Their Will!! Don’t Let Trudeau Rewrite History!!


Comment: It is not just the informed consent and human rights issue. People who support vaccine mandates argue that they are necessary for a “common good”. Except, it has been sufficiently demonstrated and proven that these vaccines are ineffective, they do not prevent infection or transmission. Assuming that a virus was causing this “pandemic”, which is also being questioned. And assuming that the adverse events following the jabs are medically and statistically negligable. My opinion.

Here are my questions to Justin Trudeau:

  1. At the beginning of the “pandemic”, Stats Canada discontinued publication of all-cause mortality statistics. Why? Was it an attrmpt to hide evidence indicating that there was no significant increase in overlall deaths in 2020 and that excess deaths began after the implementation of vaccination campaigns and completion of the 5G network?
  2. Why the 5G networks were installed and implemented during the lockdown, without public discussion and parliamentary debate, while nearly all construction industries were not allowed to work due to the “pandemic”?
  3. Why were safe and effective medications for this illness banned (eg., Ivermectin, Hydroxichloroquine)?
  4. Why were doctors and scientists, who voiced opinions different than the official narrative, being harrased, fired, and punished?
  5. Why were mask mandates introduced, when it was known that they didn’t protect us from airborn respiratory viruses which spread mainly with aerosol?
  6. Why were social distancing and mRNA vaccines introduced, while it was known that they damage our herd immunity and weaken individual immunity due to immune imprinting?
  7. Why is mRNA vaccination being advertised and implemented with animals that we eat, without a study done to determine how such oral tolerance will affect our immunity and our health??
  8. Why is reporting of adverse events in Canada made difficult by “the system”?
  9. It seems to me that there is an agenda behind the jabs that has little to do with protecting public health. What agenda is it and who allowed our elected officials to implement it?
  10. Why are you, Mr. Prime Minister, modyfying your story now, after emerging evidence suggests that officials who had implemented these measures may become liable for damage done to Canadians, our health, our lives, our economy, and our country?
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