Animals And Ecosystems Will Be Equal to Humans Under The WHO’s ‘One Health’ -Dr. Meryl Nass


Full Interview:

Comment: Go to some of the TV channels showing how “volunteers” care for monkeys and wounded animals. These animals receive better care than humans already. I have to wait 8 months for a CT scan (in a large city in Ontario), while animals get what they need immediately, and for free. They get better food than I during my recent hospital stay. In eight months I may be dead. Last year, a doc refused early treatment, when I had “Covid”, then, he refused a D-Dimer test, when I had “Long Covid”. I wonder what I am paying my taxes, the Ontario Health Premium, and my insurance for? Reality became unbelievable. In my opinion, the only explanation is a deliberate depopulation, which equals genocide. Where are our police, our intelligence agencies, our prosecutors, and our judges? In my opinion, they are just as guilty. See Principle IV HERE.

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