Is Trans The New Luciferian Religion The UN Document Discusses? Interview -Liberty Coalition Canada


Comment: A great debate. The average age of empires is about 250 – 300 years, sometimes less, sometimes more. The mechanism fueling that cycle is true, the more comfortable our lives, the weaker we become, physically, mentally, and morally. Allegedly, we follow the law of nature in which everything tries to move to lower levels of energy, so everything is by nature lazy. Drop a rock from a tower and see where it goes, up, or down towards lower potential energy.

Interesting to see that this behavioural pattern that you have described does not apply to animals, so it is not “natural”. For thousands of years, does are still raising their fawns and not growing antlers, and bucks are still bucks. This means that what we are seeing is a cultural phenomenon that is not natural. It had to come and be inserted by a force existing outside of nature.

BTW, I am not religious in a traditional way but we know, today, that the same laws of nature exist throughout our entire universe (or at least our dimension of it). There must be a common “source” of such a design and program, a common script for universal evolution. An intelligent source. This source and its message (or code) are being frequently disrupted by something else. We are experiencing it now. This disrupting force also seems to be intelligent. This is why, the only way that historically led people out of this destructive cycle is through faith and spirituality, not through intellectual arguments or emotional demagogy. My opinion.



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