Discussing the COVID Summit at the European Parliament: May 10th, 2023 with David Martin and others

I must be objective and fair, so I am including the voice of Dr. Cowan who is critical of some of the other experts and their opinions.


Comment: Several months ago, I commented under one of Dr. Martin’s videos and asked the same question: “How can a virus be infectious and replication defective at the same time? Either it is infectious and it will multiply in a new host or it is replication defective and it will be easily defeated by our immune system before it goes down to our lungs. It seems.”

However, this question cannot be used to state that viruses do not exist, which is Dr. Cowan’s conclussion. 600 years ago, people did not know that electricity existed. They viewed thunders and lightning as signs of gods’ anger and displeasure with our behaviour. In other words, the fact that viruses cannot be found and isolated, (if that is even true), does not mean that they don’t exist. We just don’t have the technology, yet. I wrote this question, too, under one of Dr. Cowan’s older videos.

There have always been differences of opinion within the scientific community. This is how science works and progresses. What we need is for the scientists to meet and debate these differences in order to create a clear and consistent platform on which to base their credibility. Without is, various trolls, various media, and various officials will play them aganst each other.

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