A former KGB propaganda specialist Yuri Bezmenov warns America about ideological subversion

Start at time 01:07:28 and see, if you can understand what is going on in the “Western World”, today. This, (in my opinion), includes the major banks and corporations, the so called “Deep State”, the oil wars, the prospect of wars with China, Iran, and North Korea, the alienation of the UN from its mission, the corruption, the leftist media, universities, and politicians, the dumbing down reforms of education, the demoralization of youth and destruction of parental authority, the increasing control, censorship, and reduction of privacy, human, and civil rights, the monopolization of markets, unprecedented price gouging and impoverishment of society, the partial privatization and slow erosion of the public health care system, and even the current Covid-19 crisis that is being used as a vehicle for systemic change.

I have a good reason to believe that the Soviets, already in 1960s, realized the impossibility of exporting the communist revolution to the West. Instead, they have decided to create revolutionary sentiments by supporting a predatory capitalism in the West. They staged the so called “collapse of the Soviet Union” in 1991 in order to “escape into the future” from economically ineffective communism. They are undergoing this transformation under the leadership of Vladimir Putin. So, as the West is slowly going “red”, they themselves are going “blue”. Today, in their media, they eagerly assist and advertise riots, demonstrations and protests in Europe and in the US.

I strongly believe that it is not “progress” that we see coming. It is communism. Don’t we see this happening all around us? Don’t we see all these wonderful elements of change? Don’t we ask ourselves who is implementing them? What army of mercenaries is already at work? But this is a different topic and I am not going there. Cheers!

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