What is COVID-19? The Fear Campaign Has No Scientific Basis – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

My comment:

Questions about the Covid-19 Pandemic

To my old questions, namely:

  • Why don’t we see any pandemic around us? We only hear about it from the media and from politicians but not from real life observation and our own experience. Or, the observations and experiences of people we know.
  • Why are people not dying all around us, as they would, if there was a real pandemic?
  • Why are family doctors’ practices locked down by the governments at the time of the “pandemic”, when they are most needed? Is this because it would be impossible to control all family doctors and people would soon begin to question the Covid-19 propaganda?
  • Why are doctors and other specialists intimidated and harassed, when they go public with opinions on Covid-19 pandemic that differ from the official narrative?
  • Why are medical labs not allowed to conduct tests for the presence of Covid-19 antibodies? Is it because this would prove to people, who had been “confirmed” as Covid-19 cases and recovered, that they did not have Covid-19? Or, that they have developed their own immunity and don’t need a vaccine?
  • Why are people being separated, isolated and pitched against each other? What purpose does it serve at the time, when compassion and solidarity are most needed but their lack disarms the people and renders society defenseless?
  • Why, in Americas and in Europe, globalists push the “pandemic” agenda, while nationalists oppose it? Why is it being supported by leftist governments, leftist media, and modern Marxist  movements?

…I am now adding my next question:

  • Why are governments, for the first time, not publishing current vital statistics, meaning the overall number of deaths in Canada and in Canadian provinces? Such statistics were regularly published in the past.

For example, the Canadian Vital Statistics Death Database (CVSD) webpages (Statistics Canada) do not contain any data. Instead, they focus on detailed description of methodology used in collecting information, but the numbers are missing.

Consequently, other stats organizations do not publish current vital statistics. Again, such data was published in the past, including detailed graphs comparing annual numbers of deaths in consequent years. For example, this graph by US based Statista Inc (LINK), shows annual number of deaths in 1000s, in Canada, (between July 1 and June 30), from 2000 to 2019. Statista Inc. specializes in global statistics.

(Click in the above picture to enlarge it)

Statista Inc. management recently replied to my inquiry:

“As we are a data aggregator, our data on deaths in Canada is pulled from StatCan, and will be updated whenever StatCan updates their database.

If you have any questions as to when this update will occur, I recommend checking out their website HERE on the page about their death database annual/monthly methodology.”

In recent article “Statistics Canada mortality report too limited in data to be useful during pandemic, experts say“, the Globe and Mail claims:

“A Statistics Canada report expected to give the first glimpse into mortality rates during the COVID-19 pandemic is too limited and lacking in data to be useful, according to experts in epidemiology and statistics.”

This is a preposterous claim, as we are talking here about the overall number of deaths, regardless of their causes. Such data is continuously collected and registered, and does not require extra processing time. Give us the overall number of deaths in Canada and in Canadian provinces for the period of time from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. Or, for each of these months separately, for years 2000 – 2020. That simple.

Again, a reasonable question comes to mind – the overall number of deaths in 2020, compared to earlier published data for previous years, would reveal the real extent and impact of the “pandemic” on the population of Canada and Canadian provinces. In particular, it would verify and confirm, or contradict and deny, the very existence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Is this why the data is not being published?

If what I suspect is true, we are witnessing a highly organized and undemocratic conspiracy to create fear with a fake pandemic in order to implement other agendas and achieve other goals. It is worth noting that, in the process, people are suffering, are being denied regular health care (for which they pay), and are being forced to apply unhealthy practices (for example, the highly ineffective and dangerous masks). People are being deprived of their fundamental rights and freedoms. People are being threatened with a risky prospect of mandatory vaccinations, something that is quickly losing credibility. People are losing their jobs, incomes and pensions, as the economy is being deliberately halted. People are denied regular education. Unprecedented censorship, invigilation and police-state measures are being introduced.

All of this is being used to justify the “reset” of the global economy. I am worried because a “reset” that were good for the people would not require a pandemic-based fear campaign to be implemented. It was not long ago, (shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the perceived end of global ideological competition), that our economy underwent “restructuring” which ended the popular prosperity, quality health care, quality education, and job security era in Canada. It began a new era, one of market monopoly, disappearing consumer protection, corrupted politics, unprecedented price gouging, increasing wealth of a few, and increasing poverty of the  many. Era of speculation, outsourcing, offshoring and “predatory” capitalism. Era that ended business ethics. Capitalism with human face was replaced by capitalism in your face. Now, we are approaching a new “reset”. The point I am trying to make is this: “Not everything that is good for the “economy” is also good for the people.

I understand why the Big Pharma and related to vaccines investors are interested in such a scenario. I understand why the big financial giants want to avoid responsibility for creating an overblown speculative bubble. I understand the elites who want more control over the society and more wealth for themselves at the expense of the rest of us. I even understand why mainstream media are following the suite. What I don’t understand is why our governments willingly engage in this agenda. Of course, I have my suspicions. Are they following the wishes of their corporate sponsors, abandoning the voters, the taxpayers, and democracy? Are they helping the elites in establishing the “new order”, or “new deal”? Are they abandoning the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Are they trying to blame the mismanaged and crushing economy on the virus in order to avoid responsibility for their own incompetence and corruption? Are they trying to reduce the number of pensioners in order to save money that is missing from pension funds? Are they participating in the depopulation scheme? I hope not. However, if my suspicions hold water, then their decisions are either incompetent or dishonest, or… criminal.

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