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5G Links from Global Research.ca

The Debate over 5G in Switzerland The Dark Side of 5G: Military Use Huawei and 5G Technology. US-China Confrontation 5G Danger: 13 Reasons 5G Wireless Technology Will Be a Catastrophe for Humanity Moratorium on 5G: American Scientists, Doctors and Healthcare … Continue reading

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Canada’s Largest 5G Network Is Here

— At the beginning of September, I received this email from Rogers. No public debate or input, no prior information campaign, no democratic decision. This, in spite of health and privacy concerns, as well as many unanswered questions about this … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Update #8: Links from Global Research.ca

Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics – The Deadly Danger of False Positives Twice as Many Deaths in Lockdown England Compared to Free Sweden 12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic What is Covid-19, SARS-2. How is it Tested? How is … Continue reading

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