Goals of a communist revolution achieved by the “pandemic”

  1. Governments have overnight established dictatorial rule, completely ignoring constitutional rights of the citizens;
  2. Governments took over the control and management of the economy, completely ignoring property rights and freedom of economic activity;
  3. Governments achieved progress in elimination of Christianity from public space in Europe, Americas and Australia.

These three goals of a communist revolution were initiated and to various degrees achieved at the very beginning of the “pandemic”. Doesn’t it tell us something about its initiators?

Now, the main question: Why “pandemic” as a main weapon in this revolution? Because the strategy has changed. In the past, Bolsheviks used terror and destruction of property rights to tighten their control and advance their agenda. In 1960s, they added demoralization. Nowadays, they base their strategy on the self preservation instinct of the population. Since the working class has been weakened, they also enlisted so called “new proletariat” – the feminists, the LGBT, the anarchists, the Yellow Vests, the Antifa, the BLM, and the list goes on. Anything and everything that can be used to divide society and create conflict.

The final goal is the destruction of Latin civilization. Instead, they are planning to install a New World Order. We do not know yet what it will look like but we know that it will differ greatly from what we are accustomed to. We also deduct that it will not be good for us, or else it would be proposed and implemented openly.

How can we oppose these plans? By sticking to the old order, to the old cultural conventions, to the old system of values. If we can do this, we will preserve our way of life, our culture, our meaningful social interactions, and our own self-determination. Otherwise, we will become a fertilizer of history.

We are living at the time of global, international danger. Therefore, any form of organized opposition and struggle against this plan must also have international scope and reach. Work in this direction has already began in Europe. Beware and keep track of what is important to you and to your children.

What kind of response can we expect from the proponents of the New Order? Most likely, they will fight us with “democracy”. Joseph Stalin, (the famous Soviet expert on democracy), once said that the most important element in democratic elections is presentation to the voters of a carefully prepared alternative – so that no matter who wins the election, it will be won. In communist countries people voted on candidates but all candidates were appointed by the communist party. We in the West are beginning to practice this model of democracy  already.

To be continued …

The above interpretation of current situation and future strategy is based on the ideas of Stanislaw Michalkiewicz, Polish lawyer, historian, academic, and politician. – (Link)

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