Canada’s Largest 5G Network Is Here

— At the beginning of September, I received this email from Rogers. No public debate or input, no prior information campaign, no democratic decision. This, in spite of health and privacy concerns, as well as many unanswered questions about this new technology. And who needs it, anyway? I am OK with my current networking capability. Here is the email from Rogers:

Rogers is Canada’s Largest 5G Network on Canada’s Most Reliable Network.
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Canada’s Largest 5G Network on Canada’s Most Reliable Network.

We are proud to be connecting Canadians on Canada’s largest 5G network.1 Building on the foundation of being Canada’s most trusted network,2 we understand the power of human connection.

Canada’s Largest 5G Network. We were the first to bring 5G to Canada, and now proudly provide access to 5G connection to over 10 million Canadians. And, there’s more to come.
Canada’s Most Reliable and Trusted Network
Supporting your community Awarded “Best in Test” for the second year in a row by umlaut,3 a global leader in performance benchmarking, our network is not only the most trusted network in Canada, it’s also the most reliable2.
An Award-Winning Network
Supporting your community In addition to being awarded “Best in Test” by umlaut, J.D. Power ranked Rogers #1 in Wireless Network Quality in Ontario and the West.4 This award reflects our dedication to providing Canadians with fast and reliable networks that power our country from coast to coast.
Our Partner of Choice
Supporting your community We’ve partnered with Ericsson a leader in network technology, for over 30 years. At Rogers, we’re proud to have chosen Ericsson as our 5G vendor of choice for the full infrastructure of our 5G network.
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