Czech Health Minister calls on the media to stop fear mongering: This is an ordinary contagious disease.

Robert Plaga (r), Minister of Education in the Czech Republic, and Adam Vojtech, Minister of Health of the Czech Republic, share information about the measures to protect against the coronavirus in schools at a press conference. Photo: Ondøej Deml / CTK / dpa

At a press conference, Health Minister Adam Vojtěch and Education Minister Robert Plaga urge the media to stop spreading fear and panic.

Minister Vojtěch’s appeal to the media is a turning point in the fight against the pandemic. By his challenge, the Minister indirectly pointed to the media as the culprit of the situation in which the economy is bleeding, people have mental problems, and the society is increasingly opposed to protective measures.

The number of suicides has more than doubled, and is more than the number of people listed in the (highly controversial) column “died of coronavirus”. The media, led by Czech TV, daily bombard citizens with disastrous data, the value of which is in fact grossly distorted.

Minister of Health: Stop stigmatizing, destroying life!

Health Minister Adam Vojtěch strongly urged the media to stop scaring people, especially older, more trusting citizens, who easily fall into the trap of “scoundrels” by buying distorted news from Czech Television.

“It’s about interpretation. If the media interprets a common contagious disease as something catastrophic, and the infected feel a burden on society, it is a mistake, ”said Health Minister Adam Vojtěch at a press conference on school activities on August 18.

“All surveys, both Czech and global, clearly state that COVID 19 has a devastating effect on the mental health of the population. He is known, for example, on crisis lines. There is a huge stigmatization of the infected, said Minister Vojtech.

This fundamental position of the Minister of Health has been completely concealed by the media.

The media is starting the second wave: they will scare the audience every day.

Minister Vojtěch’s appeal comes when the so-called A “second wave” epidemic and the media are starting to shout out numbers of infected.

However, the data on the so-called coronavirus epidemic are like from the most declining tabloid area and their meaningful value is close to zero.

Data on the number of “infected” increases with the number of measurements. They will grow in the fall with the onset of flu. Moreover, the vast majority of “infected” have no symptoms, it is a natural immunization.

The only relevant figures are in the “died of coronavirus” column, but even there are very fuzzy edges. So far, there is no known case of death due to the coronavirus.

Experts say the coronavirus pandemic does not meet any pandemic criteria. It is a common, statistically rather marginal, contagious disease that caused the media to panic worldwide.

Video recording from the press conference:

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Where, (in whose pockets), are Canadian media and Canadian governments? Ottawa? Ontario? Hamilton? CBC? 680 News? Others? Show some honesty and integrity! There is enough information out there to do this. And there is no credible evidence supporting the “pandemic”. Drop all other agendas and start acting as you should! Enough of this conspiracy! It’s too obvious.

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