Where is this “pandemic”? Statistical data reveals media lies, dishonesty of “experts”, and corruption of politicians.

Here is my article in Polish about the so called “pandemic”. It is a continuation of of my article Alarming Questions about Population and Death Statistics in Canada during the “Pandemic” published here 10 days earlier. Comparison of mortality statistics in Canada and in Poland seems reasonable. Both countries have similar population (about 38 million), both have similar climate, standard of living and level  of development, both represent similar political system, culture and system of values. The difference is their geographic location. One is in America, the other in Europe. And yet, statistical mortality data in recent years is very similar for these two countries. Both analysis show that there is no pandemic, that the spike in higher death rates in recent years can be attributed to demographics, namely, to the fact that the generation of “baby boomers” has reached a “dying age”.

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