About the RAPID TESTS, again

We are being bombarded, again, by mainstream media (eg., CBC) and the federal government about the new, so called “RAPID TEST for Covid”.

I have entered the following comment under the CBC wideo-news on this topic:

“Rapid Tests”? Do not spend our money, until you share with the public how exactly this test works, what technology it uses, where, when, and for how long it has been tested, with what results; does it establish the quantitative “viral load”, what “golden standard” does it use, is an isolated and purified SARS-CoV-2 virus used as a “golden standard” in this test, if yes, how was it obtained? What is the sensitivity threshold of this test and what are the statistics of positive negatives?”

“Moreover, who is manufacturing this test, who the investors are? who is importing it to Canada, who runs the importing business(es), who stands to make profits? Are among these people any politicians, is there a conflict of interest between the importing and distributing businesses and people working in governments or in the mainstream media, or their families?

How much is it going to cost the Canadians as compared to available, effective and inexpensive remedies that can heal and have proven effective in healing the novel coronavirus, especially hydroxychloroquine (known for at least 60 years and used successfully to fight malaria and recently, equally successfully used against Covid-19), and sodium chlorite (NaCIO). And there are other meds, like the Cuban developed Interferon beta-1a. China used hydroxychloroquine and Interferon beta-1a and combinations of them, as well as other non-vaccine drugs to successfully and rapidly combat and control the SARS-2-NoV (Covid-19).

Why are we being pushed towards a mandatory vaccination, while it is not necessary and extremely costly? What agenda is hiding behind this trend? Public inquiry is absolutely needed to get to the bottom of these questions. If what I believe is true, we will also need a National Tribunal that will investigate this matter and charge those guilty of any wrong-doing. Negative results of the government’s responses are exceeding the social cost of the “pandemic”. And statistical data shows that there is no pandemic. Instead, there is a lot of manipulation with death certificates, test results, and procedures.

Read more here: https://dundasvalley.com and https://globalresearch.com .

Just to make sure you understand: NO, ABSOLUTELY NO TO ANY MANDATORY VACCINATION PROGRAMS. There are too many unanswered questions and too much is at stake. We are not guinea pigs. Insufficiently tested genetic vaccines irreversibly modifying our DNA is not an option, even, if the biometric passport chips compromising our privacy are just a rumor. I personally doubt that it is a rumor, otherwise why would the government rush into the 5G technology, which is also unhealthy, also costly, and also unnecessary?

And tell the banks and corporations to stop implementing “Agreements”, services, and technologies with the view of eliminating cash and establishing cashless economy. This also is a serious and unacceptable privacy issue.

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