The Vaccine Dispute – an Open Letter to the governments of Canada and Ontario

In response to Dr. David Williams, the Ontario Chief Medical Officer, who recently stated, “What may be mandatory, is proof of vaccination, in order to have latitude and freedom to move around without wearing personal protective equipment.” (See video here.)

Recently, we are seeing indoctrinations in mainstream media and polarization on social media about whether or not we should get the Covid-19 vaccine. Most often, the parties refer to “authorities”, that is, the opinions of government officials, scientists and doctors. But the opinions of experts on this topic are divided. Is there only one truth behind the whole pandemic story, or are we dealing with a much more complex agenda?

Let’s start with the credibility of the “pandemic” itself. There is a lot of credible and evidence-based information about preparations for a “pandemic”, about joint US-Chinese research on “arming” coronaviruses (Gain of Function Study), about joint “pandemic” military exercises in the Chinese province of Wuhan. Comprehensive information is available on the simulation and modeling of such a “pandemic” (Event 201 at Johns Hopkins University in North Carolina, USA), that had taken place just months before the WHO declared a global pandemic in March. There is a video documented speech by Bill Gates who clearly states that global depopulation is necessary and that vaccines are one of the means to achieve this goal.

There are credible reports of the tragic effects of vaccines tested in South America, Africa and India. We also know about the Memorandum 200 of 1974. It is known that today the same people and the same foundation sponsor vaccines against Covid-19. One of them is the main sponsor of the World Health Organization (WHO). There is extensive documentation on the policies and recommendations of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on the “Great Reset” and the so-called “New Order”. It is known that this is also about the ID2020 agenda, i.e. biometric passports and the abolition of cash transactions. It is known that the pandemic theme is being used to prop up these agendas, as well as to introduce massive, compulsory vaccination on which pharmaceutical companies and their collaborators in various governments stand to earn huge sums of money.

It is known that unvaccinated and sick people do not pose a threat to vaccinated people unless the virus mutates, but then the previous vaccine will not be effective, as well, and the next one will not be available, yet. It is known that the currently proposed Covid-19 vaccines are a relatively new type of (genetic) vaccine that may irreversibly alter the genetic code in our cells and whose effects may not manifest themselves until the next generations. It is known that even “normal” conventional vaccines took 8 to 10 years of testing to confirm that they were safe. It is known that in the case of Covid-19 vaccines, this time was extremely shortened, as their producers were in a rush trying to secure their market share ahead of others.

It is known that the financial incentives given to hospitals and health care workers during the pandemic, and the fueling of the number of tests performed by medical laboratories have the potential of motivating the health care system to prolong the pandemic for as long as possible. This may lead to a wide-spread demoralization and corruption. An example of this phenomenon is the forgery of death certificates (recommended by official authorities) and a large number of positive results of RT-PCR tests in asymptomatic people (e.g. as a result of exceeding the optimal number of amplification cycles, which detect old fragments of various viruses, while falsely inflating the Covid statistics).

It is known that the death rate from Covid-19 is low, lower than or comparable to the death rate caused by other diseases and other causes (e.g. flu or road accidents). It is known that the government is (for unexplained reasons) forbidding medical laboratories to test for the presence of Covid-19 antibodies, confirming a history of the disease. It is known that the media and government propaganda of fear relies on the results of the unreliable RT-PCR test, which overestimates the number of “false positives”. It is known that there is a cheap and effective treatment for Covid-19 available, but international organizations and governments are banning the use of inexpensive drugs for this purpose, while threatening that the pandemic and related restrictions will continue until the whole society “is vaccinated”.

It is known that one of the goals of the protracted “pandemic” is the collapse of national economies with lockdowns and the takeover of small and medium-sized businesses by large corporations and international capital. It is known that this will lead to mass unemployment and impoverishment of states (there will be no tax revenue) and will force states to take out huge loans from international creditors. It is known that this, in turn, will lead to the bankruptcy of states and the takeover of their assets by private banks. It is known that the purpose of this “project” is to eliminate the middle class, automate production, computerize services, move the economic center from Western countries to cheap Eastern countries, and establish a supranational and unelected world government. It is known that the pandemic is being used to advance these agendas.

It is known – on the basis of official government data – that from January to August the total number of deaths in Poland was lower than in 2018 and 2019, and yet our media and our government spread panic over the “killer pandemic” and unfoundedly predicted a “second wave” in autumn. A similar situation exists in Canada. Now, all over the globe, they expect a “third wave” in the spring. It bears the hallmarks of a psychological operation aimed at crushing the society and thus facilitating mass vaccinations, the “Great Reset” and New Order projects. What is not known – how did the “pandemic”, which did not exist until the end of summer, manage to create such a deadly “second wave”? Was it a controlled interference with selectively disseminated laboratory viruses (biological weapons), or a disruption of health services as a result of the Covid-19 related reorganization of the system?

There is a professionally performed statistical analysis clearly showing (again, based on official government data) that the increase in mortality in October and November 2020 is not due to Covid-19 cases, but due to an increase in mortality from other diseases and/or natural causes whose treatment has been restricted as a result of the reorganization of health services during the “pandemic”. In addition, nobody pays any attention to the fact that such an increase in mortality may (and probably does) occur partly due to the fact that the numerous post-war generation of baby boomers are entering a “dying age”. We keep hearing that this wave of baby boomers is causing a crisis in the pension fund, so this must be a fairly large “wave” which must also make a difference in mortality statistics. But there is silence about this aspect of our mortality stats.

I could continue this list of doubts, but I’ll end it here. If you are interested in the sources of information I had mentioned above, please check the past articles in this blog.

It is impossible for intelligent and educated people to overlook all the publicly available reports and facts that I have listed above. It is therefore not a matter of perceptiveness or intelligence, but rather a matter of choice and personal honesty. Let people share their opinions and the opinions of “their” experts, so that we know all sides of the story and are able to make informed choices on that basis. Let us have a meaningful democracy here. People should choose for themselves whether they want to be vaccinated or not. Stop discriminating against people with different views. There are enough reasons to support and justify doubts. People who will refuse vaccination pose no threat to those vaccinated, so there is no justification for any coercion or formal restrictions. If coercion takes place, it will indicate corruption among the authorities and it will constitute a criminal act of endangering the whole society with unknown negative consequences of insufficiently tested, or deliberately deadly vaccines.

The only other argument, namely, “We don’t want to pay for the treatment of people who will get sick, because they refused the vaccination” is just as good as my argument, “I don’t want to pay for the treatment of those who will get sick from negative outcomes of insufficiently tested or deliberately deadly vaccines.” In my opinion, both outcomes are equally possible. At least.

Lech Biegalski
Dundas, Ontario

NOTE: Parts of this letter are translated from a similar letter in Polish. Both, Poland and Canada, experience similar outbreaks of the pandemic, have similar climate, standard of living and population (about 38 million). Both are seeing similar government responses, restrictions, and lockdowns.

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