Made-in-Canada coronavirus vaccine starts human clinical trials

Photo courtesy of  Providence Therapeutics/The Canadian Press

A made-in-Canada vaccine to protect against COVID-19 began human clinical trials Tuesday in Toronto, says the biotechnology company that developed the vaccine.

CEO says it’s the 1st time a coronavirus vaccine designed and manufactured in Canada has begun clinical trials.

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Comment:   It does not make any difference. It is still the same mRNA technology as the Pfizer/BioNTech  and Moderna vaccines, technology that requires many years of testing to determine its safety. There are many unanswered questions and many reasonable doubts that need to be resolved, before this technology is allowed to be mass-used on entire populations. It is not a vaccine, it is a treatment, a synthetic pathogen. It is a medical experiment that requires informed consent from every person subjected to it.

  • Given the current situation and the justified distrust in the “pandemic” based on unreliable tests and stats;
  • Given the underlying agendas of WEF, WB, IMF, Fed, that are using the “pandemic” to introduce the Great Reset, the New Order, and a few other major changes that were never consulted with the public or with our politicians (suspended Parliament);
  • Given the conflict of interest derived from the fact that major governments, media, and major investors promoting these vaccines stand to benefit from mass vaccination of the entire population;
  • Given the fact that the WHO, the governments and other involved authorities outlaw and / or discourage the use of existing and effective COVID-19 treatments, and refuse to work on research and development of such treatments and their protocols;
  • Given the fact that scientists, specialists, and medical professionals are divided and given that those who present opinions that differ from the official narrative are being harassed, silenced, fired, and criticized;
  • Given the fact that opinions other than the official narrative are being censored and removed from social media or rejected by the mainstream media;
  • Given the fact that both the manufacturers and the governments refused to assume legal responsibility for the effects of these vaccines and demanded immunity;
  • Given the suspicious admission by Bill Gates that depopulation is necessary and that vaccines are one of the means in achieving this goal;
  • Given the negative record of vaccine tests promoted by the same companies and the same sponsors, including the complications and/or deaths of some already vaxxed with the new Covid vaccine;
  • Given the new scientific publications and professional opinions suggesting  that injecting mRNA pathogen into a human body may modify our own DNA or may cause dangerous anaphylactic responses and destructive auto-immunological overreaction;
  • Given the fact that an increasing number of governments suspend the application of these vaccines until more is known about them and their effects,

it is reasonable to demand and to expect that our government takes a similar path and will take all available information under consideration, before moving forward with any related policy or recommendation.

In any case, mandatory or forced vaccination, any coercion or segregation and discrimination against citizens who are healthy and refuse to be vaccinated, is unacceptable. Just like in other flu cases, there is no guarantee that a vaccinated person will not catch the infection.  We also know that, if this vaccine is as good as advertised those vaccinated are protected and should not be concerned about contracting Covid-19, unless the vaccine is “not a vaccine”, or the “virus” mutates, in which case the vaccine will not be helpful, either. This means that fearing or blaming those “unvaxxed” does not make any sense. Please do not help the media and the government in dividing us and pitting us against each other. They may like the idea but it will not help us.

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