Randy Hillier LIVE with Marc Patrone

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Comment:  Excellent episode. Here is my suggestion: We have to cut through the BS and realize what is really the main reason behind this “new normal”. My research has led me to a conclusion that the entire “pandemic” serves this purpose. I have followed it in several countries for 12 months and the more I read about it, the clearer it becomes, despite of their efforts to confuse the public.  This is exactly how “they” want it to work: they want us to be as confused as possible, so that we don’t know how to respond to it.

I have recently found one small article that somehow turned on a chain of lights in my head (like on a Christmas tree). All of a sudden, everything became crystal clear, including the potential solution. What “they” are proposing (the Great Reset, the WEF agenda) is not a solution for the world, it is a solution for the elites to avoid responsibility for the mismanagement of global economy, so that they can keep their toys and their loot, and continue their game. Don’t you see it? This whole Great Reset is needed, so that the system, which broke down our economy, may continue. They are getting richer and we are getting poorer to make it possible. This is why they need a police state, because people will be very unhappy about it.

My suggestion is the opposite. The class of people that created the problem cannot be trusted to bring a solution. Therefore, they, not the rest of us, should pay for the solution. We have to reclaim and retrieve our governments, then ally with others around the world, and we have to nationalize the assets of the elites to pay for OUR RESET. They want us to bail out their banks and pay for their reset, we want them to pay for our reset. Counter-offer and counter-claim.

I grew up in Poland, when it was a communist country with a socialist system of economy. There were disadvantages, but also advantages, to that system. Some elements of that system could make OUR transition easier. This is exactly why they are implementing draconian totalitarian mechanisms, they know it, too. Of course, we could not do it without a concrete power, like the support of our army. The question is this: – is our Army still Canadian? Or, is it under some other command?

Well. I am just “thinking aloud” but we have to move forward. Right now, we are walking in circles.

P.S.: Randy, there is a better example. In our supermarket, they have a big poster that lists all the alleged symptoms of “Covid”. All of these symptoms may also be attributed to seasonal influenza or a common cold. They are very aggressive, they say, “If you have ANY of these symptoms, you cannot go in”. This means, that you cannot do your grocery shopping, if you caught a cold and have a running nose. But most of the alleged “Covid” cases, (who BTW are asymptomatic), can go in and shop. Nonsense.

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