STOP THE LOCKDOWN: Police on Guard’s Len Faul

Source: Police On Guard for Thee: Toronto Police Officers Challenge “Unconstitutional Public Health Measures”

Comment: One question needs to be asked: Since the Memorandum 200 (1974) leaked out to public domain in early 1990s, it has been known that the elites support the depopulation agenda. One can argue whether it is right or wrong, justified or unjustified, but it is true and it has been later confirmed by Bill Gates, who is on record advocating for depopulation using various measures, eg. vaccines. This being the case, why are the same elites implementing restrictions and lockdowns to, allegedly, protect the public’s health? It just does not make sense – these two goals contradict each other. Either you support one or the other. Supporting both is counterproductive. Unless… unless, of course, public health is not the real goal behind the restrictions, lockdowns, and other measures (masks and vaccines included).

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