Calgary Police arresting Polish Pastor

This is the same pastor who threw police officers out of his church, at the beginning of April. Those officers were trespassing without a proper warrant. Apparently, they did not like being told that they were breaking the law, so they are back for more intimidation. A Polish reader commented, “This is what this f**en pandemic is for: to divide, enslave and terrorize the people”.

I remember this reality well, I grew up in the communist country. Who would have thought in 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, that it would only take 30 years and we would have the same communist, totalitarian system here in Canada? But let’s resist an emotional reaction and look at the facts:

Firstly, our governments failed to prove that a “pandemic” is really taking place. With time passing by, it became increasingly obvious that the statistics used to justify lockdowns, restrictions and other measures were based on bogus data. The politicians are lying and the mainstream media are complicit in spreading a fear campaign based on a pack of lies. Moreover, by switching to the new Abbott “rapid” test Canada is avoiding compliance with the January 20, 2021 WHO recommendations modifying the PCR testing procedure and diagnosis that was expected to significantly lower the number of “false positive” cases. There are good reasons to believe that the Abbott test also gives false positive results when used with a physiological saline instead of the original “extraction buffer” – a procedure recommended in some European countries due to the frequent shortages of the buffer. Reports to this effect are being ignored and no investigation follows. The only possible conclusion is: The governments need more cases and are doing everything to boost the statistics. The question is, “Why? For what end?, in whose interest?”

Secondly, I suspect that the charges against Reverend Artur Pawlowski will be related to our constitutional right to worship God and practice our religion. How reasonable will such charges be today, when people who have taken the experimental vaccines cannot be, in theory, infected and those who refuse vaccination exercise their legal right to oppose a treatment or a medical intervention without their informed consent? How effective will the charges be, considering that we have Charter rights to peaceful assembly, to freedom of speech and religion, to travel, and to worship – and those rights can only be limited by the federal parliament in a form of a martial law / police state legislation? For this reason, the Alberta Public Health Act is overreaching and therefore, illegal. (More HERE and HERE)

I think that the violation of our Charter rights is evident here and I hope that those who issued these orders and those who carried them out will be severely punished under the law. The ignorance of law by our local authorities and by a part of the police force really worries me. It looks like a runaway system that is governed by criminals and mafia-style types. It needs to end. We need to demand it, but it has to be done in a legal, official, and documented way. Whether it’s a referendum or petitions, or letters to our politicians, or other legal forms of pressure on the governments, we have to do it. And we have to stand together, or else our freedom and our country are gone. Think of the world we are going to leave to our children, if we remain ignorant and idle.

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