Covid-19 “Pack of Lies”, Crimes against Humanity – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

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Comment: On September 14, 2020, I published my article on this topic. This blog was first in drawing the public attention to statistical analysis of the overall number of deaths with respect to the so-called “pandemic”. I also conducted similar analysis for Poland . Polish data showed that the number of overall deaths during the first seven months of each year was lower in 2020 than in 2018 or 2019. Like in Canada, there is a visible and steady increase of overall deaths since 2015. This may be contributed to demographics (“baby boomers” entering dying age) or to other factors (for example, testing of mRNA components in flu shots – which would be consistent with my personal experience – or other secret programs that governments worldwide refuse to investigate and explain, i.e.: chemtrails, HAARP or, recently, 5G) It could also be related to increased migration numbers. However, the fact that governments and mainstream media are blind to these issues and selectively use the “pandemic” to push specific political, economic and social agendas (vaccines included) tells me that we cannot blindly trust the official narrative.

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