‘Communist policies’: Canadian lawmaker calls out COVID shutdowns, media ‘propaganda’

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Comment: Randy, it goes deeper than sunshine, exercise and fresh air. Any form of isolation in a society, whether it is a quarantine, or social distancing, or masks, or limitations put on public assemblies and public events destroys our herd immunity and our cross-immunity. It needs to be constantly practiced and updated. “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. Why is this being done? The vaccines. What’s so special about them? I don’t know. But I know that never in our history have we subjected the entire population to a medical experiment. It was usually done on a small group of volunteers.

These vaccines are not licensed. They were approved for use under emergency authorization only. This is why our governments are extending the restrictions, inventing new “variants” and recording high number of “cases” based on false positive test results. Without emergency, the use of these vaccines would be illegal – and the vaccines are not sold out, yet. So, there is more than just an “initial mistake” or a paycheck. There is lots of lettuce to be made, the New Normal, the Great Reset, globalization, more offshoring and outsourcing and one world corporate government to be implemented, as well as the depopulation, destruction of the middle class, dissolution of national states, and transfer of property to the super-rich to be “achieved”. Why so many scientists, doctors, and nurses go with it? Financial incentives. And here you are right. Money became more important than the world we are going to leave to our children and grandchildren. More important than the quality of our lives, the truth or our rights and freedoms. A very primitive and shortsighted attitude.

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