Comment: The last question was important: “How long, do you think, they have been preparing for it?”

The answer depends on who we are talking about. There are many groups of interest and a few different political agendas involved in maintaining this “pandemic” for economic and political reasons that have very little to do with public health.

We have the rich elites who dream of globalization and one-world, unelected, cartel-style government. They want total control over the land, the resources, the markets, and the people on a global scale. They want to protect their loot and multiply it but also to gain satisfaction that comes from power and control over others. They remind me of a snake that first consumes everything around it and then, when nothing is left to consume on the outside, begins to swallow its own tail and body, which leads to its own self-destruction.

Then we have China which came out of relative poverty by becoming the “world’s factory”. A dragon that gained power by absorbing our real economies and our technology, together with our standard of living. China wants to keep and expand this status. It uses its money and modern military power to achieve this goal.

Then, we have Russia. Russia is still exporting the communist revolution, following the Soviet KGB script that Yuri Bezmenov was talking about. (The whole interview). (Another lecture).

Then, we have Israel and the old dream of establishing the world’s capital in Jerusalem.

Then, we have various establishments that try to benefit from the “pandemic” and the lockdowns as well as from selling and distributing the vaccines.

Finally, we have the depopulation agenda that began in 1974 with Henry Kissinger’s National Security Memorandum 200.

How long have they been preparing for it?

The active phase began after 1991 and the collapse of the Soviet Union. 1991 marked the end of ideological competition (the Cold War) and the beginning of the offensive of predatory capitalism in the west. The restructuring, the offshoring, the outsourcing, the monopolization of markets, the end of consumer protection, the unprecedented price gouging, the corruption of our political system, the destruction of our health care, education system, and social programs, and the list goes on. The plan to export real economy to cheap countries in order to max up the profits of the investors and the use of a fake global warming agenda to justify these changes with a fake concern about our environment. In foreign policy, we saw colour revolutions, then the “global war on terror” which in reality served as wars of conquest for control over energy resources and pipeline corridors. The takeover of our political parties, our mainstream media, our institution and organizations, including the labour movement. And now, the “pandemic”, the vaccines, and the Great Reset. All these elements fit perfectly together. As in a Swiss watch.

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