If you are a religious person, watch this video….

Maybe you need to restore your faith and spiritual connection with your God, regardless of your religion, race and status. Maybe you are seeking understanding of scientific facts that are being censored by mainstream media. Maybe you are confused by mixed messages on social media and you want to sort things out. In any case, this video is for you. Share it with your family and friends.

BTW, I keep thinking of all these professionals, doctors, lawyers, scientists, academics, and teachers who actively help in spreading the fear campaign. I have seen offices of doctors-specialists who enforce the false narrative by implementing a strict regime of masks, special forms, procedures, and other measures that their patients must comply with in order to be admitted. Have you seen the poster that reads, “We are living in strange times, when your doctor will not see you because you might be sick“? But the most important question is this:

How can we trust doctors who should know better than anyone else that this “pandemic” is at least overstated but they willingly participate in and promote a false narrative? This clearly means that they are either incompetent or dishonest. If they don’t live by the Hippocratic Oath that they solemnly swear to uphold, can we really trust that they do no harm or that they treat the ill to the best of their ability, or preserve patients’ privacy? Can we trust that they prioritize prevention and treatment of causes over patching up the symptoms and taking care of the profits of pharmaceutical companies?

Sure, not all doctors can be included in this category but I have seen some that seem to “take pride in leading the way”. Protecting their job and carrier at the expense of the health of their patients disqualifies such doctors in my eyes.

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