Randy Hillier and Marc Patrone talk about health statistics

Comment: By definition vaccines should prevent both infection and transmission. The so called “Covid vaccines” don’t prevent either. Plus, they have dangerous adverse effects, the mechanism of these effects is known and is being published, but the politicians and mainstream media pretend that they don’t know about it. Why?

It seems that vaccination is the main goal of our governments, no matter what. The Ontario Declaration of Emergency has been revoked on June 9 – Why is the government keeping it quiet? Why are we still having emergency measures? Why are the numbers raising?

Here is the answer: The C-19 experimental vaccines have been approved for use under emergency authorization only. Ending the “emergency” would mean that vaccination with these vaccines becomes illegal. This is why our corrupted governments keep emergency measures. This is what they need alleged “waves” and “variants” for. It’s all about the mass vaccination.

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