Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act to solve a crisis he created

My opinion: This has never been about public health. Next thing you know, he is going to arrest citizens who will have voted for somebody else than “his highness”. A mixture of WEF-style democracy and spoiled kid’s tantrum. Think of it: He is implementing unconstitutional policies to support unscientific measures in order to combat a questionable pandemic, then he invokes a martial law against peaceful protesters and uses all kinds of fabricated insults to justify it – (all, except for “Covid”). I think that he is terrified of the court cases, scared of coming liability, determined to defend his career, benefits, and profits, and infuriated by massive opposition to his orders. Above all, I think that he is using his position, the “pandemic”, and the Emergencies Act to implement a foreign, communist-like WEF agenda, (something that he does not have a mandate to do), regardless of democracy and Canadian Constitution. You know what that is called.

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