Government, banks and police are illegally using Emergencies Act that has not been approved, yet

For the Emergencies Act to become a binding and applicable law, it has to be approved by both, the Parliament and the Senate. The deadline for this approval is Monday, February 21, by 6:00 p.m. EST. Meanwhile, as of yesterday, Thursday, February 18, activists and leaders of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa and other places have been arrested , [2] , [3] , [4] by the police and some trucks have been towed away. This can still be explained as clearing the streets from “illegally parking” vehicles. However, the fact that some private farming and construction equipment in the vicinity of the protests was reportedly destroyed and vandalized by the RCMP on privately owned land cannot be explained or justified under this excuse.

Also, specific statements made by Trudeau and Freeland have encouraged blocking of bank accounts , [2] , [3] by financial institutions, as well as seizing donations that Canadians legally made to certain websites in support of the peaceful Freedom Convoy. These actions were and are illegal, if implemented before 6:00 p.m. on February 21 – this assuming that both Parliament and Senate will approve the Emergencies Act on Monday. And what if they don’t? Sources report that such illegal actions have already taken place. If this is true, these actions must be investigated by independent public inquiry. Not by the government, not by the police, and not by the RCMP. The government leaders, the chiefs of police and Commissioners of RCMP, as well as managers of banks that complied with such illegal requests need to be suspended, made accountable and charged with taking criminal actions (destruction of property, threats, and theft of legally collected funds). All seized funds must be returned to their lawful owners.

In light of the above facts, unusual and highly suspicious decisions have been made by the government. Friday’s House of Commons sitting was cancelled ahead of police operation against Freedom Convoy. This decision prevented required by law debate of the legislators on the implementation of the Act. This, in turn, may invalidate Monday’s deadline. One thing is sure. In the conduct of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government, since the beginning of the so-called “pandemic”, there are many suspicious decisions and unanswered questions. They seem to dodge the law, “modify” statistics, and ignore science in order to implement totalitarian system, neo-Marxist ideology, unconstitutional New Normal, and what looks like depopulation agenda – all initiated and steered by unelected individuals and groups outside of Canada. I am waiting for the RCMP to investigate that, instead of intimidating, harassing, and victimizing peaceful protesters and their supporters in Canada.

The argument that border crossing blockades need to end because they affect the economy is dishonest, manipulative, and preposterous. This is exactly the point of every legitimate strike and every effective protest. If they did not cause losses, they would be toothless and useless. Losses are the only leverage striking workers and protesting citizens have because they put economic pressure on the employers and the governments. It’s elementary. Everybody knows that, except for Justin and Chrystia, and even Jagmeet, who should know about this better than others. If he honestly represents and supports the Canadian workers, that is.

In conclusion, aside from other reasons, at this point of time, the use of the Emergencies Act is illegal.


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