Replacing Vaccine Mandates with WW3 Scenario Means Depopulation Was and Is the Goal

As the Covid-19 official narrative aimed at having everybody on Earth “vaxxed” is falling apart and coming to a halt, another phenomenon is gaining momentum in politics and in the mainstream media. The “elites” and the Biden administration are aggressively vamping up a war rhetoric towards Russia. Pretext? The conflict in Ukraine, something that NATO and western governments have provoked, financed, and created themselves.

Is there anything our armies can do to remove all maniacs and psychopaths from power and restore normal life in a normal and peaceful world? Or, do they prefer to collaborate with the criminals, be used as a cannon fodder, and have their families and friends affected by a global military conflict of incalculable consequences? It is pretty scary to see maniacs and psychopaths holding their fingers on nuclear triggers.

What can the truckers and farmers do in a stage 2 phase of their protest? How can they regroup? If the above scenario is true, organizing local farmers and food producers, transportation, and direct supply of food to nearby cities would be a good idea. Canada is big enough to feed all Canadians without crossing the border bridges.

Some of our supermarkets and their corporations willingly took part in promoting restrictions and fear campaign around the questionable “pandemic”. All have been shamelessly price gouging since 2006 and there is no slowing down of this antisocial and greedy procedure. It’s time to stop it and revert to honest market practices.

Canadians will support the army and will support the farmers and the truckers. Direct trade is what we need. Remember that we may not have “made in China” products for a while. Also, we may not have southern fruits and other luxury items but we will survive the bad times until the peace returns and our own great reset is completed. Our families and our country must come first.


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