Debate on Motion to Confirm Declaration of Emergency

House of Commons:

Comment: Interestingly, nobody in this debate touched on the most important issue that had caused the Freedom Convoy protests, namely, were the truckers right? Were the “measures” implemented by the government wrong, based on a pack of lies, on the WEF foreign ideological influence and infiltration? Are our politicians benefiting financially from the global vaccination agenda? Are the “vaccines” causing adverse events, are they dangerous and useless?

Were many Canadians coerced (read: forced) to take vaccines as a condition of employment, travel, and other normal freedoms? How much of the damage done to economy, jobs, families, children, elderly, education and health care was caused by government’s wrong policies? How many people died as a result of the ban of effective early treatment medications and protocols? These are the main questions because they have initiated the protests, the convoy and the overwhelming support of Canadians across the country. They are zillion times more important than the trucks parked and honking in Ottawa.

Are the government’s wrong, unconstitutional policies and misleading official narrative influenced by foreign ideologies, international agendas, perhaps foreign money? Did the government make a mistake, or did it commit crime and treason? Why the government’s “health experts” are consistently refusing to take part in a public debate with independent scientists and doctors? Why scientists and doctors, who publicly criticize government policies are being censored and repressed? We are not living in Cuba. We are living in Canada.

Should we justify police brutality by saying, “The tracks should leave or be removed”, if all previous peaceful protests were ignored by the governments and some were answered with force, arrests, and charges? With this in mind, wasn’t the Freedom Convoy a last resort for the people to be heard?

Primitive provocations and childish lies about the allegedly “illegal” and “dangerous” character of the protests are not going to cover up or derail these most important questions. Hypocrisy is not going to restore trust in our governments and institutions. If these issues are true and real, aren’t we all supposed to call for Trudeau and the government to resign? Even if some WEF’s “young global leader”, like Jagmeet Singh, don’t not like it? Aren’t we supposed to recall them and investigate their possible involvement in this global conspiracy?

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