Where did our tax money go?

Justin has sent your money and lethal military equipment to Ukraine, while:

A. It was known that Russians would invade soon;

B. It was known that NATO would not send troops to Ukraine to fight against the Russians;

C. It was known (or should have been known) that the Ukrainian army would be defeated or would surrender to the Russians;

D. It was known that the Russians would demilitarize Ukraine, disarm the Ukrainian army and paramilitary forces, and destroy or confiscate their weapons;

E. It was known that, after Russia’s victory in Ukraine, it would be impossible to trace the allegedly donated money and equipment.

Since the prime minister was so curious about our bank accounts that he engaged state apparatus and banks to investigate and freeze them, we now expect and demand that the same curiosity be applied and the same institutions be ordered to investigate where did this money and military equipment, allegedly donated to Ukraine, go? The prime minister, his cabinet and his generals were fully aware of the facts listed above. Therefore, their bank accounts and financial dealings should be frozen and investigated, first. The potential for a serious crime is there.

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